Learn and Upgrade Professional Skills/Professional Training/Short Professional Courses

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Professional developing is a process in which we learn how to earn and maintain our professional life. There are varieties of approach to professional developing including consulting, coaching, lesson study

Develop Your Skills

Get training: Attend a workshop, take a course, read an article or book, observe someone who excels at the skill. These are all ways to add strategies to your toolbox.

PracticeConsider ways you can deliberately

Get feedback: Assess your progress, identifying areas where you have improved and areas for continued growth.

Professional skills essential to success in science

  • Writing
  • Presentation
  • Visualizing data
  • Teaching
  • Mentoring, management and leadership
  • Networking
  • Professional and ethical conduct
  • Skills developing for profession mean develop yourself and skills to set their career .skills are important for your desire careers development .First you will have to identify your skills then you can set your career. For developing your skills ,first train and educate your self

Important Competencies/Attributes/Skills to become successful at your workplace/job


Put maximum effort to do the work assigned

Try to learn the skills needed to do the job

Do not waste time

Do not waste resources in doing work


Efficieltly do your part of work

Share ideas and opinions with team members

Act as a model for other members

Encourage others to their best


Comprehend and interpret messages from others correctly

Maintain the audience attention

Use clear and understandable language

Seeks input from the audience

4..Learning and Development

Actively participate in learning activities

Quickly learns the skills

Practice things again and again

Identifie need for learning

Put maximum effort to learn

Apply the knowledge

Take initiative and risk for learning


Challenge the paradigms

Use multiple resources to solve problems

Consider different and new solutions

Produce relevant solutions

6..Change Facilitation (Adaptability)

Try to understand the change

Approach the change positively

Adjust Behaviours according to change

Put effor to learn more about change.

7..Honestly and Loyalty

Shows fairness of character

Do not involve himself in any act of theft, fraud or embezzlement

Take Care of your company’s Property

Demonstrate respect and affection for colleagues and seniors

8..Safety Conciseness

Follow Safety Regulations

9..Building Trust

Behave in a consistent manner

Share thoughts, feelings and personal position with others

Listens and objectively consider other’s opinion an ideas

Treat people with respect, dignity and fairness

10..Managing The Job

Use to do lists

Prioritizes work

Make Schedule

Go fast things if needed


Habitually reports on duty in time

Do not usually absent himself from the duty

Do not habitually leave early

Do not waste time during work hours

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Professional association is a professional organization. Many professional bodies are involved in the development and monitoring of professional educational programs, and the updating of skills, and thus perform professional certification to indicate that a person possesses qualifications in the subject area. A professional association is a career choice. It is a part of being a professional is all about.  But being a professional is important to most who have chosen to become professionals. This professional identity begins with joining your professional association. Professional associations are more than ‘clubs’ based on common interests, they are self-governing bodies. As a member of a professional association one becomes part of the governance of the association. Professional associations play an important role in society. Professional associations are more than ‘clubs’ based on common interests, they are self-governing bodies. As a member of a professional association one becomes part of the governance of the association.

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For Students/Job Seekers: We recommend Technical, Professional Training/courses/skills to enhance their chance of getting better jobs relevant to their qualification and interest. To explore yourself and to find out better prospectus  contact us..

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Govt of Pakistan.. National Vocational and Technical Training Commission Islamabad

Public Notice

Professionals:  For working professionals, we  recommend Professional courses/ skills/Training (to be acquired) which will enhance abilities/skills/personality traits and  which are required to be more prominent/Secure, Professional/Progressive in the Job Place, Job Market. Email your CV know..


Free of Cost Training Courses in Islamabad

National Training Beuru Offers Technical Training Courses

Free Training Courses in Lahore and Across the Punjab

Free of Cost Auto Cad Course offers by TEVTA in Rawalpindi

Free of Cost Technical Training Course in all over the Punjab offers by PSDF and UKAID

Mansol Offers Free of Cost Technical Professional Training Courses in Lahore


UET Offers Free Technical Training Courses

Teveta Skills Summer Camp.

PKTI. Free of Cost Stitching Machine Operator Course

National University of Technology (Vocational Skills School) Islamabad

E-Rozgaar Training Program. Free of cost Freelancing/Online Earning Courses

To Apply online Please visit below link of E-Rozgaar Training Program




DigiSkills Free Online Freelancing Training Program.. Enrollment is open for 3rd Batch

To Apply online please click on below link


Paid Professional Development Courses (in Lahore)

PIMS Lahore. .Professional Training Courses

Chinese Language Certificate Course , GC University Lahore (Paid)

Pakistan Institute of Management offers Professional Development Training Courses in Lahore

NCA Summer Camp. Admissions are Open In Professional Training Courses (Paid)

Kinnaird College for Women. Admissions are open for Certified Short Courses


Information Technology University offers short Professional Training Courses

To enroll click


Pakistan Institute of Management Lahore

Professional Training Program. Diploma in Project Management and Educational Leadership

Pakistan Knitwear Training Institute. Admission are open Textile and Fashion Designing Course

Admissions are open in PITAC Lahore

Construction Technology Training Institute Islamabad. Admission are open

Professional Training Courses in Islamabad

Pakistan Institute of Management Islamabad, Training Opportunities.

NUML offers Professional Training Courses

Pakistan Institute of Management

Certification and Diploma Course in English, Urdu and Chinese (Paid Courses)

 (Paid Courses)Professional Development, Skills Enhancement Courses for Professionals/Fresh Candidates

Professional Development Courses in Karachi

University of Karachi. Professional Development Center.. Training Events June-2019

IBA Summer Entrepreneurship Camp for kids

IBA Sukkur Training Opportunities for Professionals

Short Courses in Media Industry (Paid) WMC School of Journalism Karachi

Paid Diploma in IT Entrepreneurship Course from Institute of Business Administration Karachi  (Paid Course)

(Paid course) Professional Development Center Training Events 1st Half May 2019. University of Karachi

NED University of Engineering & Technology. Paid Course  in Six Sigma Green Belt Level

Skill Development Council Karachi

University of Karachi

Sardar Yasin Malik.. Professional Development Center.

Free Course..Government of Sindh..Vocational Training Center

Paid Courses

Institute of Business Administration Karachi

Paid Professional Development Courses.. Workshop Schedule April 2019

Pakistan Navy Engineering College Karachi. (NUST)

Short Courses/Workshops (Paid)

Professional Development Courses.. University of Karachi

University of Karachi. Preparation of CSS Examination

Pakistan Cotton Standards Institute. Cotton Selector Training course

NED University of Engineering & Technology

Professional Training Courses

Industrial Relation and Labor Laws


IBA Institute of Business Administration Courses..Directors Training Program

Skills Development Program March -2019 (Paid Courses)

IBA Offers Professional Training Workshops in March -2019

Sindh Research Incubation Center-Batch-2

NED University of Engineering & Technology Karachi. Professional Certifications


1 Marketing Association of Pakistan http://map.org.pk/
2 Management Association of Pakistan mappk.org/
3 Pakistan Medical & Dental Council http://www.pmdc.org.pk/
4 Pakistan Engineering Council Islamabad http://www.pec.org.pk/
5 National Business Education Accreditation Council www.nbeac.org.pk/
6 Pakistan Bar Council


1 Pakistan Institute of Management Lahore, Karachi, Govt of Pakistan.
Training Courses about Management Sciences, English Language, Admin/Secretarial Skills etc.



2 Pakistan Industrial Technical Assistance Center Lahore, Govt of Pakistan.  Technical & Non Technical Short Courses



3  Saeed Ahmad Awan Centre for the Improvement of Working Conditions and Environment (CIWCE) near Chandni Chowk, Township, Lahore, Pakistan. (Govt of the Punjab)  Courses about Occupational Health & Safety, Fire Safety, First Aid, Environmental Protection.



4  Skill Development Council Islamabad (Govt of Pakistan)  www.sdc.com.pk
5  PIQC Institute of Quality  www.piqc.edu.pk
6  National Vocational & Technical Training Commission Islamabad. Govt of Pakistan  http://www.navttc.org/
7  TEVTA Lahore (Govt of the Punjab)
8  Punjab Board of Technical Education Lahore


Pakistan Institute of Managememt
Pakistan Ready made Garments Technical Training Institute Lahore