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Different Professions/Career and Study Options - Career Adviser/Career Counseling
November 22, 2018

Career Adviser/Career Counseling

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Different Professions/Career and Study Options


Attractive, Successful and  High in Demand Career and Study Options

Professions that will be High in Demand in and After year 2019

Scope of Different Career and Study Options that you must consider during selection of Career Option

Awareness about Different Professions-Career and Study  Options-Study Fields..

Computer Science and Information Technology

Know about the profession of Videos Game Development.. Earning Opportunities in the field of Game Development. Scope and Importance of Game Development.

Opportunities in Vides Game Development

Career opportunities in Game Designing.. Scope and Importance of Game Designing.

Career in Game Designing

Career as Software Developer.. Profession and Study Option of Software Development.Scope of Software Development

Career option of Software Development

Opportunities in the field of Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Career Opportunities in the field of Computer Science.. Scope of Computer Science

Study Option of Computer Science

Scope of Computer Science, Career in Computer Science..

Career Scope of Computer Science
What is Business Intelligence.. Study option, Profession, Education of Business Intelligence. Scope of Business Intelligence

What is Business Intelligence


Education of Data Sciences, Importance and scope of Data Science. Career Opportunities in the field of Data Science.

Awareness about Cyber Security. Importance of Cyber and Internet Security. Career in Cyber Security


What is Cyber Security

How to become a successful Freelancer, Career and Earning Opportunities in the Field of Freelancing

What is Freelancing

Profession/Study Options in the field of Media Education

Importance of Education of Media Sciences.. Career Opportunities and Scope of Education and profession of Media Sciences

Study Option of Media Sciences

Study option of Media Sciences..

Profession of Meida Sciences

Education of Broadcasting in Pakistan..Scope and Importance of Educaiton of Broadcasting

Study option of Broadcosting

Multi Media Education.. Scope of education of Multi Media Education.. Profession of Multi Media Education

Career Opportunities in the Field of Engineering..

Awareness, information about different Engineering Fields and Professions.

Career Opportunities in the field of Urban Engineering. Scope of Urban Engineering

Career in Urban Engineering

Career Opportunities in different Engineering Fields.

Successful Career opprotunities in Engineering

Air Traffic Controller as Career. Career Option of Air Traffic Controller. Career Option in Aviation field

Career As Air Traffic Controller

Career Opportunities in Geology  and its relevant field. Scope of Study option of Geology


Study Option of Architect, Profession of Architect, How to become Architecture

Study Option of Architect

Harvard University Free online Architecture Course

Online Course about Architecture

Career Opportunities in the field of Agriculture Sector, Importance and scope of profession of Agriculture Sector. Study options in the field of Agriculture sector


Law Education in Pakistan, How to become a lawyer, Scope of Advocate and Lawyer. Study option of Lawyer

Profession of Lectureship, Scope of Lectureship, How to become successful a Lecturer

Career in Civil Services, Details about Examination of CSS, Competitive Examination. Syllabus and details about examination of CSS

Career in Civil Services

Which degree and field is better Between Marketing and Finance, Career Opportunities in the field of Management Sciences

Career Opportuniites in the field of Management Sciences

Career Opportunities in the Field of Psychology, Scope of Psychology

Career in Psychology

Career and Jobs Opportunities in the Field of Hotel Industry. Scope of Hotel Industry.


Career opportunities in Hotel Industry


Education of Hotel Management

Education of Hotel Management

Important Short Courses for Students and Professionals

Importance Short Courses[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]