As we know that  CV/ Resume can make a huge difference in a job hunt. Please read below the important Tips to Make Your CV Stand Out.

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CV Writing Tips

How To Write An Impressive CV/Resume

Research has shown that recruiters usually scan a resume or CV for Seven Seconds before they decide on a suitable candidate for a relevant position. Hence, the first impression is critical for grabbing the best opportunity. Considering this, writing an impressive CV and Resume plays a crucial role in landing your preferred and favorite job.

There are many effective ways through which you can make an attractive CV that can help you succeed to find a perfect job in your related industry.

Choosing the Appropriate Format

There are different formats for writing a CV to show relevant experiences and education: Chronological, Functional, and Hybrid (Also known as combination format). For most candidates, a Hybrid or Combination resume works better as it shows your skills and experiences in a balanced manner.

On the other hand, Chronological order is used when a job seeker has highly related work experiences that help him to get connected to the most relevant position. Moreover, a Functional Resume is not so commonly used as it is mostly used in limited Work histories thus showcasing only skills. This can be used for job seekers with no job experience.

Important factors to consider while writing CV/Resume

  • You should clearly mention your name, email address, phone number, and LinkedIn Profile URL in Top section of your resume.
  • A Resume Headline is a great way to get the attention of the recruiter as it can make you stand out of the crowd if you have written perfectly with a specific Job Keyword.
  • You should also directly respond to particular job specifications by customizing your CV and cover letter to correlate the job description perfectly with your accomplishments and skill-set.
  • A resume should be written with more emphasis on results instead of pointing out just the responsibilities of your previous job. Results are mostly mentioned quantifiably so that your recruiters can have a clear idea of your achievements
  • Past work experience details in an organized and complete manner will help your recruiter to know how you added value to previous workplaces. You should write this particular information in a familiar and clear format.
  • The most commonly used Font in writing resumes is black Times New Roman at 12 points in size. But this is not the most suitable Font for Cv writing. Instead of this, you should use Georgia, Antiqua, and Tahoma. Bolding and Capitalizing and bullet points are necessary to emphasize names and relevant experiences.
  • The Visual layout of a CV plays an important role in getting you perceived professionally as recruiters are attracted towards a well-presented and attractive appearance of a resume. You should not write a CV exceedingly more than two pages of A4.
  • The use of attractive Templates ensures to put logical structure in your Cv which makes it easy to be scanned and understood by recruiters. It also helps to organize and manage professional history for career progression.

How to make an impressive CV. Tips to Make Great Eye-Catchy Resume

Five Soft Skills That Employers want on your Resume

5 Skills that Employers want in your CV

Sample CV/Resume Template 

Sample CV Template

Tips to create and revamp Professioanl and impressive Linkedin Profile

How to Write an Effective LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is an online social media platform that allows showing your skill-set, qualifications, and work experiences with potential employers. It also provides an opportunity to develop a professional network that is crucial for someone, who is looking for a job. An up-to-date LinkedIn profile can help recruiters find you if you have taken full advantage of this limitless platform when it comes to filling out the information about your professional life in a structured and intuitive way.

There are many ways through which you can develop an effective and optimized LinkedIn profile.


Getting a Custom URL:

After creating a LinkedIn profile, you will be able to make a custom URL instead of an automatic URL generated by LinkedIn. You can get creative by adding certifications, numbers, or location names with it to make it fully optimized. In this way, it will more likely appear in recruiters’ search.


Impactful Headline:

To make an incredible first impression, you should create a headline that includes basic information about your professional history and main skills and certifications which shows your capability to grow and contribute professionally. For Example

Digital Marketer|SEO & SEM|Data Analyst|Content Creator|Google Analytics, Google Ads, Fb Ads


Optimized Profile Summary:

This section provides you with plenty of room to strategically showcase your skills and abilities. As it has a word limit of 2000 words so it can b fully utilized to add keywords about your skills. After careful analysis of successful professionals, you can create a list of your specific industry-related hard keywords which are mostly searched by employers.

By incorporating these words and your own experience in a strategic way, you have more chances to increase the search appearance that you can check in the dashboard of your LinkedIn profile.

 Also, try to upload images, videos, and links to show your work.


Education Section:

You might feel tempted to leave this section but this is really important for networking, recommendations, and search filtering. You should write your institute name and the degree you earned. Through this, recruiters are able to search based upon particular educational levels such as Bachelors or Masters. You might contact some LinkedIn users at the hiring company that went to your school, as a result of networking.


Skills and Endorsement Section:

Technically, Skills should be mentioned everywhere in your profile to make it compelling. Skills and Endorsement is not the only place where you should write hard and soft skills but it can be shared in several sections of your profile.

 Profiles viewers can view the top three skills of this section so make your best Skills should go in top three slots although you can dd up to 50 skills here.


Importance of Recommendations:

You should ask professionals from your previous workplaces for recommendations because it can show your credibility in terms of professional ethics and job-related skills.

Be sure that your recommender knows your exact future goals and also which skills and professional aspects to emphasize, in order to align them with your particular job search. Always use current recommendations from your workplaces.


How to Write Impressive Linkedin Profile