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Career and Educational Planning/Career Counseling and Assessment - Career Adviser/Career Counseling
March 6, 2018

Career Adviser/Career Counseling

Walk On Your Own Path

Career and Educational Planning/Career Counseling and Assessment



We must consider our life as a journey and it is totally up to us that how can we make it a beautiful and memorable one. Same is like career and education planning. Some people have a very clear goals about their future while some feel confused and uncertain about their careers/Educational Path. We have a team of expert/Qualified career advisers/Career Counselors to help you and guide you about your career and educational Goals/Career Path.

Career and Educational Counseling provides a clear direction to a student who is still in an undetermined phase and looking for an honest guideline. This planning interlinks job and learning. Students are supplied with a higher awareness and understanding of the benefits of educational accomplishment. We also assist students by introducing educational alternatives and Subjects/class choices as they prepare for their transition into college or university

Steps of Career/Educational Planning:

Career and educational planning involves three steps to be focused on.

  • Realize Your Worth

While planning for a bright future you must start with assessing yourself. What do you find interesting and what do you find boring? Do you have the talent to be
fit in different professional environments? What place/field do you find more suitable for you? Do you have the spark to beat others? Realizing your worth will enable you to overcome your weaknesses and polish your skills to avail the best opportunity. Secondly this assessment will also help you in making an aim. Career adviser also helps you in identifying your career and career cluster according to your interest.

  • Chase Your Passion

You must be very clear about your passion and your peer interest. Your life experience and work place experience makes you wiser and smarter. Your priorities change and your plans grow. For having a clear view about your passion we offer you multiple activities, tips and tricks.

  •  Visit Your Career Clusters

After evaluating and assessing your aim you must visit your career clusters, groups and platforms which regularly post new jobs and opportunities. With the advancement in technology you can find various jobs on a single platform. So you must be more connected and an active member of the job circle.


Importance of Counseling:

Counseling is essential since it provides you the chance to find out an issue or issues that you have had difficulty figuring out all on your own. To provide an  example, a number of my clients come to me because they believe that they keep using the exact same problem “over and above” again. They feel trapped in a pattern and they need funds to perform it differently. If you’re battling anxiety or depression, counseling can be incredibly valuable in teaching you skills and working strategies. Counseling could be a place where you review your connection patterns. Occasionally unemployment and being unclear about our life goals may lead us great unhappiness, which really is a place that you review why it’s occurring, and the best way to do things otherwise. Counseling can help you enhance skills like Adult ADHD or communicating. Some customers simply require instruction, tools and resources about the best way best to strengthen a particular skill set. We all struggle with something (work,relationships, parents, social). We can assist you in making the adjustments that you wish to attain your connection or lifestyle objectives.


Thus we welcome everyone who has any issue regarding his career path includes education, Jobs, Career Change,  personal/career development,Skills enhancement etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us and avail our best counseling/guidance services.

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