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About Career Adviser

Planning and discipline is very important in every aspect of life. Educational and Career Planning is also very crucial and fruitful in our path of life. We have observed that Pakistani youth is confused regarding making decisions in order to select the right career as per their aptitude, passion, interest and abilities. To address the issues related  Educational Planning, Career Selection,   Psychological Counseling   and to help and guide Pakistani youth, we have developed Digital Platform ”Career Adviser” with existence on all Digital Channels so that we can reach out easily every where to provide Counseling Services.  Digital Existence  is a better way to interact and communicate with youth to help them in almost every field of life.

Our Objective and Mission is very clear:  To help and guide Pakistani youth, create awareness among them about new challenges, opportunities, risks of today’s world, and produce positive attitude, approach which is essential for making  good decisions regarding   their career goals and objectives, education planning,  better future prospectus, jobs, business  and other areas of concern like social, psychological, economical issues.

Our Career Counseling & Assessment is based on all required standards and methods  including psychology, scientific methods  and our progressive approach that is applied,  is very effective, bringing the best of the best in young people through innovative methods and techniques required to understand our clients aptitude for a particular program or which builds confidence, self-satisfaction, improves attitude and behavior, the client develops self-reliance and motivation for personal growth, personality development, self-confidence and other skills.


We have set guidelines, regulations that govern the actions of our consultants and counselors regarding their dealings with students and clients; it includes a responsibility to understand each student and client’s special strengths, values and needs in the educational planning and counseling process, as we know that every client whether a student, or professional has different needs and requires special focus and attention. We also want every client, student or professional to be supported and inspired to succeed in a culture of high expectations for learning. Thus we welcome everyone who has any issue regarding his
career path includes education, Jobs, Trainings, Personal Growth, Psychological Issues etc. Please do not
hesitate to contact us and avail our best counseling services.